Protecting today’s most complex inventions.

With extensive technical and legal expertise and experience, we build robust portfolios of patents and trade secrets, and provide IP guidance and strategy for all business needs associated with intellectual property.

  • Patent Prosecution

    As scientists and engineers, we are able to work with both inventors and patent examiners to secure litigation-ready patent rights throughout the world.

  • IP Strategy

    As corporate priorities evolve, an IP overview can assess the quality, relevance, and diversity of the patent portfolio, bringing it into alignment with strategic objectives.

  • Freedom to Operate

    Identifying what competitors already own is crucial. An FTO search provides an accurate, actionable assessment to make informed business decisions before large potential investments.

  • IP Due Diligence

    Our IP counsel, with expertise in science, patent prosecution, and patent litigation, provides objective assessments of the value of IP portfolios for their potential sale or license.

We develop patent portfolios in a broad range of technologies. As technology advances, so do we.

Representative Technologies

  • Software, including both algorithms and user interfaces
  • AI, including ML, NLP, and computer vision
  • Semiconductor devices, including touch-screen technology, AI hardware, and fabrication techniques
  • Cybersecurity
  • Database architecture and storage systems
  • Data visualization and ancillary tools, including ETL
  • AR/VR devices, including hardware, optical design, and algorithms for head-mounted displays
  • Eye-tracking hardware and software
  • Email and social networking applications
  • Medical devices and diagnostics
  • Optical devices including lasers, waveguides, single-photon devices
  • Biomedical imaging and characterization
  • Identity verification methods and algorithms
  • Haptics technology
  • Quantum computing technology

Minimizing Risk for Generative AI

Generative AI

Generative AI such as ChatGPT brings up several Intellectual Property risks. What are the risks and what can you do?